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Check out the line drawings from the original sales brochure showing a cut away of the top and side view. 

To see the full original sales brochure click here.
See on line Universal Medalist manual by clicking the blue part.  Ericsons, Cals and Catalinas and some Tartans used Universals in the 1980

Also included are exerpts from letters that a surveyor wrote after visiting the plant where the Mariner's were fabricated and molded detailing the Construction practices that were used by the Mariner Yacht Co. in New Hampshire.


Exerpts from the original sales brochure.

The winterization list can be a useful checklist when you winterize this baby also check out Westerbeke's checklist in the FAQ section, right along with the typical cost of winterization at some of the northern yards. 

Some of you may be interested in what fails on a Mariner 36.  Included is list of some of the things that failed on our little 6,000 mile trip.  Click the following for photos of Sankaty's inside and the underside.

Next comes Sankaty's Specification Sheet that talks to the specific options that are on Sankaty.  2006 saw the addition of a two piece Heavy Duty tarp for the winter cover.

Mariner speed vs RPM

Miscellaneous Photos

  Deck Drain
Traveller from Tory's Sparkel Plenty
Scuppers on Sparkel Plenty
Scuppers on Sankaty

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We lived aboard this Mariner 36 sailboat for ten months.  Learned about fuel pumps and fuel filters, ways to dramatically improve the cooling of the 32 HP Universal 5432 for practically no cost, how Oil Pressure switches fail, as well as discovering the holding tank innovations now available such as dip tubes and center top mount for all piping to minimize leaks and clogged vents.  Last but not least the top speed is 7.1 knots.  See tachometer that runs off of the diesel fuel injector line pulses. Parts for the Avon Dinghy, We now have a Baltik 8.5' with pressurized floor.  We found that there is a huge difference between an 8.5' and 10.5' dinghy,. Pressurized drinking water system.  We now have a durable Winter Cover that still needs some adjustments.  Finally found Nuke Tompson (Bob Tompson) who climbed the mast to replace the antenna, and the deck light I busted when lowering the mast in Albany.  The Wilcox Crittenden toilet overhaul was a little complex. Found parts at Thetford...800-521-3032.

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2010 Blue Chip, a sister ship in the 2010 Chicago-Mackinac Race

2010 "Joy of Sailing" video aboard Sankaty.

My over the air DVR saga

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