1.  Varnish
  2.  Low Oil Pressure  lamp turned on
      after first 20 minutes of running the engine.
  3.  Spiders all over the boat
  4.  Fly hatches from mid May to mid June.
  5.  The 260K Olds bit the dust.
  6.  Grounding in Stone Harbor at end of slip 14 on a day with
      water at 577.5 above sea level.
  7.  Trips to Cabot Point for a picnic .
  8.  Trip to New Glarus
  9.  Close encounter on Sand Bay's bottom due to chart error.
      organized aerial photo shoot
10.  Tack ripped out of small jenny.
11.  Jiffy reef needs an extra line to pull new clew out on
      boom as well as down to the boom.
12.  Visit relatives in Europe for our 40th wedding anniversary.
          We saw nifty articulated bird statue mounted to
                 moored sailboats on the Thunersee that seemed
                 to scare away the messy, live birds.
          Stayed in same, lovely chalet that we stayed in
                 on our delayed, honeymoon in the March of 64'.
          Saw Mount Scercen were my grandfather was hit by
                   lightning on Aug 2nd of 1918 when my
                   mom was only 15 months old.
          Tschierva hut is where he and his guide spent
                   their last night.  The picture was taken
                   from Fuorcla Surlej

13  Judy started knitting scarves, hats, and mittens using
     funky modern materials. 
14.  Seaguls picked up alwives and eat them on the boat,
      but forgot to wash up afterwards.
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Above is a picture of Cabot Point with the
Alerion Express at inlet to Sturgeon Bay
across from the Old Stone Quarry. 

Picture taken from the observation tower at Potawatomi State Park just west of the city of Sturgeon Bay courtesy of Door County

Below is a shot of the camper and car at Croton's municiple park in July of 99' 
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