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Pyromaster # HEF33 Insert with
Prefinished oak mantel cabinet  # DWMB1530

Also know as Princeton electric fireplace. It requires no vent and can be
positioned safely in most kitchens, family rooms, dens and basements. 

Plugs into standard 120 Volt outlet, but do not put anything else on this circuit as it can draw up to 12.5 amps which is very close to the rated 15 amp circuit breaker on household 120 volt circuits.   The warm air comes out of the top grating,  the bottom grating opens to allow access to the flame simulation speed control and the thermostatic control for heater element

Click here  for Product Safety Recall (CPSC) info on units equipped with a remote..

CFM has sold Vermont Castings to Monessen Hearth Systems Company   as of July 08'.
Click here for the CFM Harris manual number 10005721 06/03 Rev.0

Click here to e-mail a request for $3.00 Xerox' ed copy of 10005721 06/03 Rev.0
   A recent Vermont Casting web page identifies dealers in your area.   Check out
      Parts for HEF 33 at

We bought ours in January of 2003 from Menards .  Here it is Oct 11' and we are enjoying this fireplace.  The Menard folks helped with loading it into our 260K mile, 1989 Oldsmobile 98.  The Olds died at 280K in May of 03'.  A 91' Cadillac that only had 80K, replaced the Olds. The Caddy now has 200K but it leaks oil from the valve cover and makes an awful mess on the driveway and smells awful once the exhaust manifold is hot, plus the steering wheel has to be down to start the car.  We bought a 62K 99' Taurus as our regular car.  The caddy is now in the Junk yard.

One owner reported that his three 60 watt, E-12 lights stopped functioning in the first year.  He lost his manual, but not to worry there is one on line just click here.   

The Dimplex Fireplaces use four clear chandelier or candelabra bulbs with an E-12 (small socket) screw base, 60 watt rating.  Example are GE 60BC or Philips 60CTC

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Control Panel
With the Flame control actuator in the Clockwise position
the flames move slowly.

One customer in Texas said that the noise is excessive regardless of where the Flame control actuator is positioned.  I observed, on ours, some slight noise when within 180 degrees of the fully clockwise position, less noise than the fan on my January, 2002 HP computer. I observed that when the Flame control actuator gets to the Counterclockwise position it is noisier and makes noise like a range hood vent at slow speed or maybe the noise of a quiet refrigerator at 20 feet. This noise also had a little rattle component at close to 50 cps at 120 degrees from fully Counterclockwise. It might even be the noise of a pulse width modulated DC motor speed control system, as it sounds a bit like a toy electric train with a PWM speed controller. I was not able to hear it on the radio.  In any case to date, it has never bothered me or Judy Ann, but I suspect that different ears have different sensitivities.

With the Heating Element control actuator in the clockwise position the heater and blower motor run for long periods of time pretty much continuously or with short periods of of time.   When the heater blower is running on my unit I can not hear the flame control mechanism unless  the Flame control actuator is within 40 degrees of fully Counterclockwise.

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A used unit is for sale west of Boston,  call Mike at 508-478-4342 . Dec. 08'
A used unit is for sale in Roanoke ,  Contact Scott via e-mail.
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