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The Mariner Yacht Owners group in New Jersey has a very interesting web site that includes the names of many Mariner owners as well as a message board where there are FAQ and valuable answers to problems that others have solved.

The Lake Michigan water levels have been rather low. 
1.  Here is a graph is for the past day in Green Bay. 
2.  This one is for past 30 days. 
3.  Low water datum on the Lake Michigan charts is 577.7 feet.
4.  US Army Corps of Engineers site.

Sankaty needed a stage of 577.4 feet (176 meters) to get out of the lifting slip at Lakeside Marina and none of the Railroad Museum mud flats could be exposed.   The stage typically has two peaks per day just like the tides on the ocean.

A wonderful Diesel Engine Forum that has lots of answers and it has an active moderator.

A short story about the Sankaty Head Lighthouse.   A full story about the Sankaty Head Lighthouse as well as current status and a little suvenir lighthouse. 

Sankaty on the move  away from the bluff.

A plaque with the image of Sankaty Head Lighthouse.

How about a quilt from New Jersey. 


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Our old club that taught us a lot about sailing, but our initial training was with the Hoofers Sailing Club on Lake Mendota in Madison.  In 1965-69, Mark got into racing on Lake St. Clair in a 30 foot Galaxy out of the Bayview Yacht Club in Detroit, MI 
This  included a Port Huron to Mackinaw and a Lake Erie Mills cup race.