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Esther's Story - The Wheelchair Activist
Welcome to Esther's Story - The Wheelchair Activist
I am editing a book about my sister-in-law, Esther. She developed A.L.S. when she was 38. She could have given up, but she decided to continue her life of activism. She moved to Mexico to work with CCIDD (The Cuernavaca Center for Intercultural Dialogue on Development, a Christian retreat center. Founded in 1977, CCIDD offers Canadian and American citizens the opportunity to experience the struggle for justice in Latin America. Her fondest wish was to visit Nicaragua and help the disabled in that country as they struggled with the Sandinista-Contra conflict, which she did in August of 1987. She died in 2005 of her disease, but she was an activist till the end. She left me all of her diaries, journals, and when she couldn't write anymore as her hands became deformed, she would tape her journals. I am in the process of editing her writings to create the book she wished to write but couldn't finish before she died. Her story gives inspiration to everyone; in spite of all odds, she carried on her activism and her story is amazing. The title of her book is Esther's Story - A Wheelchair Activist.

This site is for promoting the book I'm editing titled Esther's Story - The Wheelchair Activist. If you would like to read the prologue and  the first chapter please write me at


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